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Not A Scratchbuild – MultiPlex DogFighter

These are some shots of the Multiplex Dogfighter Kit.

Overall the build is simple, but I have to say I don’t care for building a store bought plane. Following someone elses vision is rather boring overall, and I found myself not putting the effort into the kit I should.

Oh Well, motor, that I thought was a true outrunner, did not have the top mount capability. When I glanced at it, I mistook the prop mount adaptor holes for a true outrunner. Rather than wait for the correct motor, I mounted a 1100 36series to the external face. Of course, this is a 5 mm shaft, which means the spinner that comes with the kit cant be used, and the motor sits outside the fuse, detracting from the look.

Was surprised to see screws with a Standard screwdriver head, what the heck, that’s a PIA! Did not care for the motor mount design, nor the thin foam at face of fuse. CG was achieved with battery very far forward, but not an issue at all. Gluing in the spars was annoying as hell.

So, with all that, I still like the look of the plane, and if it flies as good as the one I flew this morn, it will be time well spent!

Gluing the fuse together:2016-05-28 14.14.33

Motor Time:
2016-05-28 16.59.10

Basic Shots:
2016-05-28 19.29.53 2016-05-28 19.30.06 2016-05-28 19.30.16 2016-05-28 19.30.31