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Another Mig29 Red

This is the plan from rcpowers, but with changes from the previous build.
KMF4 Wing design used – top & bottom step plate.
Since wing is so thick, did not use any wing reinforcement spar.
Rudders added – used 5gram servos as I miss not having a rudder.
Did not reinforce nose…. since additional servo weight could be offset by battery placement.

Receiver is the new Orange RX with Telemetry. Tapped into battery lead before battery plug and added JST connector. Temperature sensor just left in fuse near battery since ESC mounted external.
Very Cool – Telemetry works perfectly with DX7.
(note: when first binding RX, do Not use the throttle position on the RX, use the any other like the rudder or elevator. There were reports that telemetry can be disabled if binding occurs when the throttle channel is active at bind) The DX7 immediately recognized the telemetry once RX was bound, but you have to add the temp at Volts to your DX screen to see and hear the telemetry.

2016-02-05 18.28.00

2016-02-05 18.27.45