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Mini Gremlin #2

Since both the full size and mini Gremlins fly like a dream, I could not leave well enough alone and decided to build a very slightly different one.

For this one, I increased the wing span to 34″, and used symmetrical airfoils from the corsair build, hot cutting them to have a slight upturn at the TE of the outside airfoil.  Supposedly this helps a wing design offset the natural tendency to track downward….
This slight upturn is only 1/2″ and is difficult to see from the photos, but does give the span of the wing a slightly different angle tip to tip.

And of course, speed is always an issue! The earlier mini gremlin uses a 1400kv motor, and while quite respectable, I’m curious what kind of control I would have with a faster gremlin.
So, this build has a 2200kv motor, swinging a 7×5 prop…..

2016-05-22 18.42.00 2016-05-22 18.41.16 2016-05-22 18.41.30


LAR Mini Gremlin

Looking at planks, I came across a site about the Combat Gremlin, and it offshoot, the Mini Gremlin. Its a site that sells a kit that has a foam core wing and plywood fuse.

Since its a retail item, there are no plans, and the most I could find was that it was 30″ wingspan.

Here is my Looks About Right (LAR) version of the plank. Symmetrical hot cut foam wing covered in wing tape, 1400 kv motor turning an 8×6 prop. I find the design strange, in that the fuse sits in a cutout you create it the wing, but the motor thrust line is above the wing. Before adding the rudder wings, I was tempted to built it upside down from  the original design!

2016-05-14 14.49.52

2016-05-14 14.49.17

2016-05-14 14.49.43