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WTF Returns….

Since the destruction of planes seems to have become common these last few trips to the field, I have an abundance of left over pieces from smashed planes….

The three contraptions below consist of parts from the following planes I have crashed….
Ugly Stick
Slow Stick

Will they Fly????

Check out the Video of these:


2016-06-01 18.22.51 2016-06-01 18.22.39 2016-06-01 21.00.50 2016-06-01 21.00.42

2016-06-01 21.00.202016-06-01 21.00.32


2016-06-03 19.53.45

2016-06-03 19.53.34 2016-06-03 19.53.23

2016-06-03 19.53.16

LAR #1

Welcome to my new series, no more WTF XX, it will now be the:    LAR XXX Series!

Looks About Right #1

Noticed the scratch built sBach full fuse, so decided to make a version.

Had a hot cut wing laying around from when I was trying out cutting a tapered wing, so that became the base unit, with all other dimensions based on this wing.

This thing balances nicely with only a 3s 1300, and the motor is an old 28 series 1200kv I had on a tricopter – prop is very small for me, 8×4.5, but seems to hold the LAR #1 in the air at only half throttle, so should be interesting to fly.

2016-04-06 20.36.17 2016-04-06 20.36.10 2016-04-07 11.24.44 2016-04-07 11.24.50 2016-04-07 11.25.07


Slo Stik (sort of…)

After building the das ugly stik in the previous post, I got to thinking that I have a ton of 4S 3000 to 6000 batteries kicking around from the multi-rotor days, that are just going bad.

The question was, could I build something to use them, or if they were too heavy, could I utilize the same plane for the standard 3s2200 that we all have so many of.

Looking at pics of the slo stick, it looked like something I could adapt to any battery configuration, and even potentially use the platform for testing wing designs.

Wanting to start using up the ton of laminate film I have, I started with a full length of depron foam, and covered it in 3mil laminate film. This gave me a 39″ wingspan. Figuring I need plenty of lift, I took this, and using the Armin Wing technique, created a wing with a 13″ cord (inc alirons).

Now that I have a wing, what to mount it to…  Had a few pieces of 10mil square carbon tube from HK – bingo! Not sure this stuff is really carbon, seems to cut rather easily, but what the heck, its a Fuze!

Now I needed a motor large enough to move this thing. Found an extra SunnySky 3508v from one of my bigger multi-rotors, that swung 13″ props. This should work(?) — Stuck an 11″ on this motor at 700kv with 4s – seems to pull fairly well but may have to move up to a full 13″ prop.

The entire key to this build was its ability to accept any battery or any wing I wanted. To accomplish this, The entire Wing and the entire Landing gear/battery tray are completely Moveable anywhere on the frame length. This gives me the ability to set CG with any weight of battery at all, be it 3 or 4 S.

These fully moveable sections should allow me to use this base frame for just about any wing or battery combination I want to try…..

At least, that’s my Theory! hahahaha

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