FrSky S6R RX – Wing Setup How To

This page is in response to two comments on my youtube channel:
peteroake channel

Eric/Warren, I hope this is some help to you.

Ill start by saying I am NOT an expert, its just that I have played around with this till I finally got it working the way I expected it to. Do I know if this is the right way – No!       hahahah
But I will say All of my Wings are flying Perfectly using this setup.

My Taranis has the following switch design for using the S6R:
SF = Throttle Cut
SA= Low, Med, High Rates
SB= Up is Stabilize Mode, Middle is OFF, and Down is Auto Level
S1= Pot to control intensity of Stabilize mode (when SB is in up position)

My radio is running Opentx 2.9 the last stable version before the release of Ver3.
I use OpenTx Companion 2.1 and to make things easier here is a link to a compressed copy of my S6R only Wings. You can open this beside your own radio models inside Companion and I believe just drag any one of my models to your radio.
Link: S6R Wings Companion File

This file, if you open any of the models, contains the following info. In case you cant add one of my models to your radio, just create a new and match every page shown here:
(double click to view full screen)

And for the mostImportant Part, the Config File for the RX itself. Here are screenshots of the actual settings for the wing at the top of this page:


Some Final Notes:

When in Auto Level, I set SA DOWN – this gives me Max Rates and makes it very easy to control the wing, even with AutoLevel active. Typically, for me, S1 is at about 20%, this seems to be enough for even moderate wind.
You MUST do the final setup of the RX – where you power the model, wait till its initialized, they Briefly press the bind button and MOVE ALL STICKS to their extents. (only needs to be done once)
If you don’t, your servo throw will be too small to successfully control the model.

If you look at my youtube channel at the recent video of the Wing Jet from World models, it is also using this exact setup. And if I did not crash that thing, this must be a good setup! hahahah

15 thoughts on “FrSky S6R RX – Wing Setup How To”

  1. Thanks Peter. This is great. It looks like the only major differences between your radio settings and mine are the switch settings. You put ch 11 on a switch and I did not. I also put ch 12 on a switch for self check. I did program ch 11 at one point but that was before I got it to partially work. I didn’t think that this was needed for a wing. The FrSky manual for this receiver is terrible. What positions do you use for the ch 11 switch? I am running the latest version of the config software(1.13). It doesn’t have the aux 1 and 2 check boxes as shown on the model type selection page. They weren’t moved to any of the other pages either. I wonder if I need to match the config software version to the receiver firmware version.

    1. Hi Eric,
      When you asked about ch11, I was confused, as I had forgot about it, since it is Only used for a conventional airplane as far as I know. You will see I have it assigned as SG on my radio, but I have never paid it any attention for Wings… . Its likely I copied the base model for my planes, then used it to create the Wing settings. If by some chance its needed for a wing, Ive never noticed it, but will say I Always have that switch in the back most position on my radio if not using it.
      Now for conventional aircraft, I do use ch11, and have it tied to another switch to give me all modes for a plane, but that’s another long description! haha
      I’ve never bother with ch12 for self check as I have found doing it once, its never needed again – and I’ve had a hundred or so flights across 6 receivers, without once doing it after the initial setup.
      If you don’t see the two choices for aux1 and aux2, my understanding is you are running an old version of the firmware. You would need to get the firmware updater application, and the file name of the firmware I am using is: S6R_FCC_20170217.frk
      Both the update tool and that firmware version I got from the frsky website.

  2. Hi Peter, It has been a while and after hurricane Harvey here in Houston I have not gone out. I got everything uploaded to my radio and set up on my wing. When I tested it all worked great, now that I am heading out for a flight tomorrow, my throttle quit working?? I changed esc’s still dead?
    Any ideas?

    1. Hey Warren, very unlikely for a throttle to stop working. Are you using my taranis file? If so, I have a throttle cut on switch SF I believe – back top left. Switch needs to be toward you for throttle to work. Hopefully that’s all it is!

  3. Hi Peter , thanks for your tips , I have just been setting up my new AR WING with my S8R using lua script and my QX7 and an issue has cropped up
    I had my eleavon mixes working nicely , then went through the calibration process and see the stabilization and auto level functions working well but my eleavon mixes have stopped working when I manually waggle the sticks , i.e. Only one elevator works and same with the aileron , so the mix has stopped working but not during stabilization. Have you got any suggestions ?

    1. Hi Marcus, I don’t use the Lua scripts, so complete guess here: It sounds like the lua script has changed the RX back to Plane, that would account for the fact the sticks do something, just not what is expected.
      (If you have access to a computer, and you run the frsky software, the first screen you see after connecting to the RX and Reading, will show you what mode the RX is in (plane/vtail/wing) – with Lua I don’t know if it can read and report settings.)
      So my suggestion would be, if at all possible, to connect to a pc and see what the rx reports as its settings for plane type.

      1. Thanks for your reply , I’ve managed to solve the problem , all I had to do was remove the elevon mixes I had previously added prior to doing the calibration and set up, the S8R does the mixing once delta is selected, I’m going to maiden my AR Wing today , wish me luck !

  4. Hi Peter, thanks for this article i was able to set up my wing, however i have a different question for you, just saw your funjet build aswell impressive work. As you know funjet is notorious for torque rolls, do you think using your 20% setting with S1 at 20% on Auto Level mode, this will be a good config to counter the torque roll on the high power funjet launches?

    I have seen some guys use the eagletree gyro and do similar thing for their launches, what i am hoping is to throttle with my left hand at around 30% which has tons of power with my setup and throw with my right hand and soon after the launch the funjet will want to roll to the left and i’m hoping the S6R will be able to level it till the time i get my hands back on stick.

    Do you think this is doable?

    Thanks !

    1. Hi Nakul,
      Interesting question! Not something I have ever considered or tried, but would guess it would help. I don’t believe 20% would be enough tho, I think I would want 100%….
      My answer is only a guess and I’m basing it on:
      I fly a lot of FPV these days, and all of my wings and deltas have this RX. They are all hand launch, and I launch with my goggles on. I throw the wing with auto level mode on (at my normal 20% settings) and at that rate, not seeing the wing line of sight but thru the goggles, I still have trouble getting the wing to level out in the first few seconds of the launch.
      Thus my thinking that if my 20% typical setting cant immediately level a hand thrown launch, I think it would have a hard time accounting Fast enough, for torque roll.
      Do let me know if you try it!
      And as an FYI, I launch my funjet by my left hand, holding the wing tip, throttle at 2/3’s, and my right hand holds my radio with my thumb holding the stick at full Right Aileron deflection. This seems to be the trick for me, when I was not doing this, I only got my funjet successfully launched every second time! hahaha

      1. Thanks for your reply Peter, i built a funjet too just like yours as a trainer then i went n bought the ultra and now i have 150mph setup on it . it literally flies out of my hands at 30% throttle as i am running 7×5 – 7×6 sport props on it on 4s. Only problem is i am totally dependent on someone to do the launch for me after my maiden torque roll crash. I never crashed after that as i have full control of the model with both hands,
        I would like eliminate the depending on someone to do the launch and let the s6r take care of it. i guess, first ill have a normal flight and get the feel of the system and see how everything works, although funjet does not need stabilisation lol it flies so locked in already even in gusty winds as mine is heavy. But if i could solve the torque roll problem i will be a happy camper flying my funjet at least twice more than i normally do.
        At about 50% i get a very good instant correction form the gyro, will let you know how it goes, going to be a bit never wrecking to launch it without right ail input but hey we gotta try it. 🙂

        Will update you here, cheers!

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