Testing Box Joints

Slowly getting back into wood-working, and recently built a new box Joint Jig,

Have never had a lot of success with box joints, when using plywood, as the veneer face peels off/chips. To that end, I buy the cheapest ply for all tests.

The box shown here is only a test bed while I was trying different measurements / finger size etc. Never meant for show, this box allowed me to try different ways of doing/creating, without concern for a “finished product”.

Of course, had to throw a bit of CNC inlay into my day, the plane is poplar and the name is paduck, Inlay depth is .125 into the cheap plywood, and the name sits proud of the face by about the same.

I post this box here as a reminder of how bad tearout is in cheap ply, the tightness of the joints for glue/fit, and to remember to test fit a dozen times before starting into expensive wood!

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And a few more since this original post:

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