Scratchbuilt FunJet

After totally destroying a multiplex funjet, I used what was left of it to take measurements.

The hardest part of this build was creating and hot cutting the wings.  Each wing is built by using symmetrical airfoils that scale down in both cord and thickness as they move toward the wing tip.

Once glued, a carbon spar was laid in for strength. The fuse is simple, just 2″ foam block hot wired to shape. As this foam will not take an impact,  I heated a steel rod, and drove it perfectly center down the length of the fuse. This permitted the insertion of a square carbon fiber rod, that will hopefully keep the fuse from breaking on a nose impact.

Power system is currently a Greyson super megajet motor, 6×4 prop and a 40 amp esc.

Maiden will be interesting!

Hot Wire Cut Wings:

2016-06-04 14.02.47 2016-06-04 14.02.53 2016-06-04 14.03.00 2016-06-04 14.22.49

Glue up of the wings:

2016-06-04 14.56.52 2016-06-04 18.08.50

Adding the Spar:

2016-06-04 18.39.20 2016-06-04 19.42.26


scratchbuilt funjet
scratchbuilt funjet
scratchbuilt funjet
scratchbuilt funjet
FunJet Scratchbuild
FunJet Scratchbuild









2 thoughts on “Scratchbuilt FunJet”

  1. Can you tell me which airfoil have you used here? or even better if you could help me out with the drawing of the airfoil or something? Really interested to build another funjet and thinking to go for a 6s 70mm 12blade fms edf setup, proper jet sound and insane thrust and speed. Would really appreciate the help.

    Im pretty new in this hobby just been over a year and this was just my third build and i thought it was fast lol

    What was the final weight of your funjet with the pink foam that you have used, final weight without the electronics if you remember.

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