Checkerboard Pattern for Wings

I was asked if I have anything to create a Checkerboard Pattern to be placed on rc aircraft wings. I immediately thought it would be easy using the Zing, and I was half right…

Thinking about it, my first thought was to cut opposing squares on two different sheets of vinyl.  However, when I really thought about this, I would have to offset one layer color over another during the cut, or create opposing cad diagrams with the squares perfectly offset. While neither is an issue to do, it would be tedious to join the opposing colors… And I have ZERO Patience!

So, an easier way would be for the wing to have the primary color as the base – this could be the natural color of the foam, or a square area could be first painted. This would allow for a simple template to be applied to the foam, then spray painted with only a single color.

Once the template is removed, a natural checkerboard pattern is achieved.

This sounded simple enough, but I quickly discovered there needs to be an Offset between each square on the template, otherwise the squares will not remove cleanly from the overall template piece. A minor offset of a few mm is enough to create the “areas” to hold each square together.

As usual, since I have no patience, I quickly printed out two templates using inexpensive sticky backed repositionable paper that I had kicking around, stuck them to the ends of the wing, and blasted them with black paint. Actually not a bad look and more than good enough for a foamy!

2016-03-07 20.40.26 2016-03-07 20.40.22 2016-03-07 20.40.092016-03-07 21.04.15



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