LAR #4 Slo Wing

The Krazie Wing from an earlier build remains an interest, and since I had an armin style wing, with a slight dihedral, thought it may be worth the time to see if the krazie wing principle could transfer to this type of airfoil.

Powered by a sunnysky 750 spinning a 13×8 prop, it seem to have enough thrust to reach the moon! I’m using CG from the previous wing, however this feels extremely nose heavy. Will see if survives its first test flight!

2016-04-23 17.40.24

2016-04-23 17.40.39

2016-04-23 17.41.28


LAR #3 Extended Wing

Building on the previous wing, I added an 9″ center section to permit more equipment mounting area, and to widen the stance of the wing to see if more stability is created. CG for maiden is via the online cg calculator for wings.

I’ve powered this with a blue wonder 1750kv, swinging a fairly mild 7″ prop. It appears to have enough gumption to be able to fly, but I’m not expecting a speed demon. Should be fairly docile.

The wing is hot wire cut out of white styro, with a clarkX airfoil (scaled by 70% for end). Appears very light and cg when using a 3s-850 battery is difficult to set, thus I added the fuse/canopy to give me that few extra mm’s to meet the CG I think it should be at.

2016-04-18 19.52.02 2016-04-18 19.51.40 2016-04-18 19.51.30 2016-04-18 19.51.23 2016-04-18 19.50.42


Small Wing

Based on the FT designed $tree foamboard wing, this is a close design but built from Gray Depron, cover in laminate for strength, with no spars. Running a 3200 kv emax.

Flys extremely well! One thing I am learning with these wings is that elevens need a slight positive up angle, not coplanar with the wing. However, that in turn drives the craft up when under full throttle. To get around that, a normal mix should be created that drives elevens down when over 50% throttle is reached.


2016-04-15 19.15.30 2016-04-15 19.15.10 2016-04-15 19.15.00 2016-04-14 16.52.57

LAR #2 Krazie Wing

Seen the new TH Crazie Wing coming out in later this year, so took measurements from the pictures to try and duplicate.

2016-04-12 18.45.28

White styro hotwired and covered with laminate film, 1100kv with 10×4.5 prop and a 3s2200 brings the wing to as close as I can calculate. CG is VERY sensitive, so will be interesting to see if this can fly before destruction!

2016-04-12 18.45.17 2016-04-12 18.44.55 2016-04-12 18.45.11 2016-04-12 18.44.25 2016-04-12 18.44.31


Closely based on the StingRay as designed by dz1sfb, this simple wing is made from a mix of grey depron & MPF, covered with laminating material on the lower surface. (34″ wingspan)

The original has a lower fuse out of layers of foam, I just hot cut some 2″ foam as a solid block, eyeballing the motor angle.

Since I want to see if this design actually flys well, I used a very small 1700kv Blue Wonder stick type motor, with an 8×4 very cheap prop held on a prop saver.

CG is exceptionally odd and important for a wing so I read, so spent some time getting this right. (I Hope!) Ideally it should be powered by a 3s, but since I really want to keep this light to see if it can survive a maiden, I opted for a 2s1300.

There was too much wind to fly this morn, so all in, the complete build of this wing including waiting for the GG glue to dry is only about 4 hours total.

2016-04-09 16.52.58

2016-04-09 16.52.47

2016-04-09 16.52.39

2016-04-09 16.52.35


Vanessa CG Machine

How do you figure out CG in a plane you have built out of your head, with no plans at all? My method has been to guess, since online calculators are a pain in the butt to bother with!

While looking for a better way, I came across this Vanessa CG Machine, on someones site, who apparently referenced an old scratch builder long since deceased.

I have attached the pdf that I found at this site, and cant recall where to give credit, so pdf is in the as found state, with the more recent and much helpful pics added.

I have to say I had no expectation that this would work and built a copy of it just to prove it wrong.. BUT, I was wrong, this works Perfectly!! I tested planes that I have flown so I have a known CG, and without fail this device works!

So, to keep such a simple and cool design around for scratch builders, here is the actual PDF so you can build your own: Vanessa CG Machine

cg machine 1

LAR #1

Welcome to my new series, no more WTF XX, it will now be the:    LAR XXX Series!

Looks About Right #1

Noticed the scratch built sBach full fuse, so decided to make a version.

Had a hot cut wing laying around from when I was trying out cutting a tapered wing, so that became the base unit, with all other dimensions based on this wing.

This thing balances nicely with only a 3s 1300, and the motor is an old 28 series 1200kv I had on a tricopter – prop is very small for me, 8×4.5, but seems to hold the LAR #1 in the air at only half throttle, so should be interesting to fly.

2016-04-06 20.36.17 2016-04-06 20.36.10 2016-04-07 11.24.44 2016-04-07 11.24.50 2016-04-07 11.25.07


Bit&Pieces Boredom

** Update: Decided to finish this crazy contraption – new pictures added and its now ready for its first flight… fingers Crossed!

The wind this weekend is too high to fly, and its Sunday and I’m bored to tears, so thought I would use up bits&pieces of plane parts and assorted crap that should really be in the garbage…

This contraption is not yet finished, but since I may scrap it rather than complete it, posting it for the heck of it!

Starting with a 39″ wing I had hot cut for the failed fugly jet bit, I needed a fuse to put it in. I have always liked the magnum reloaded scratchbuilt out of Germany so thought I would loosely recreate at least the fuse…

Fortunately I had a 2′ section of blue foam kicking around that was too short for a wing, so away we we go! Or so I thought… My hot cut bow is no good for profile cutting so I needed a quick solution. As you can see from the pic, I took some wire, wrapped it around a dowel just big enough not to fit thru the hole in my work table, tied the opposite end to a turnbuckle that I attached to the rafter, grabbed a variable power supply, and Boom!, bobs your uncle!

2016-04-04 19.15.25 2016-04-04 19.15.35


hot wire

For the wing ends, that look ridiculous and stick up, I just used some 6mm deprom, and the same for the tail feathers. Paint was so olm mixed dried stuff that was long over due for the trash, and the pilot is out of an old balsa kit.

Not sure if I will ever add motor, but at the least, this mess killed a few hours this morn!2016-04-03 14.14.12 2016-04-03 14.14.23