Alpha Jet Mk2

Alpha Jet Mk2 from rcpowers/frcfoamies. Very quick build, 5 hours all in. Standard 2200kv mtr, but make 1800 3s.. Will maiden with 1350 3s.
** Update: Waste of time building this. This is the second one and both crashed on maiden, with no hope of repair. Do Not Build Again!



mk2 paint Painting

mk2 bottom paint

alpha jet mk2 nose Begin Nose

mk2 nose Close up of nose build

mk2 servo rudderSetting up Rudders

mk2 backBack View

Bush Whacker Ft

FT Bushwacker Scratch build

Fuse – very simple design

2016-01-09 15.50.28

Rudder/Elevator insets into fuse,  easy to keep flat

2016-01-09 16.18.29

Landing Gear mounted and trying out tires

2016-01-09 17.04.56

Wing undersde

2016-01-09 18.05.51


Bevel cutter for all hinge areas.2016-01-09 16.13.23

Wing layed in place to see connection points

2016-01-09 18.07.10

Power pod glued into place and motor mounted. I hate the ‘swappable’ design FT uses for the motor mount so I glue the entire thing in place . On this build, the motor I used is shorter than the ‘c’ pak. This meant I had to cut the fuse back after motor was glues in place, since of course I did not measure beforehand!

2016-01-10 08.52.40

Servos and RX mounting

2016-01-10 08.52.35


Finished and ready to Fly !2016-01-10 09.07.29

Set up DX7 Flaperons – assign swF, positions 2&3 to activate ailerons as flaps. Required aux1 assignment, rather than the typical y lead for ailerons.