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Rc Planes with Eflite Safe Rx added

Each of the pics below have had the Safe Rx added to them. I have also added a pic of one of the few ESC’s that are not from eflite. The other esc that I am aware of is the Thrust brand from HK, as well as some of the ones that come inside a multiplex plane.

Its not untypical to have to reverse a servo since the output of the Rx does not allow reversing a servo when output is sent from the Rx. In a case like this, you must use a servo reverser (radio has no effect). Most of these planes have the turnigy servo reverser on at least one servo, however there are times when you can physically move the placement of the servo to allow reverse.

Recently, I have started opening the servo and reversing soldered wires to create the opposite action (2 potentiometer wires and the 2 motor wires are reversed and resoldered)


ESC for use with Eflite SAFE reciever

This is a Hobbyking ESC that I have had success with.


RocHobby Waco

FT Spitfire with Safe Rx added

An FT Spitfire that I build that has had the safe rx added to it


Horizon hobby Archer with Safe Rx added   HH Archer Safe Rx location

Horizon Hobby Archer with the Safe Rx


HK Wilga RC plane with Eflite Safe RX HK Wilga Safe rx location

This is the Hobby King Wilga rc airplane that has had the Safe Rx added to it.


HK Yak 12 with Safe Rx HK Yak12 Safe Rx location

HobbyKing Yak12 with Safe Rx added.


Hobbyking Skipper Safe Rx location HobbyKing Skipper with Safe Rx added

This is the Skipper from HK with Safe Rx added.


Horizon Hobby FunMan with Safe Rx added

FunMan from Horizon Hobby with a safe Rx and Ailerons added.


Horizon Hobby FW190 with Safe Rx added FW190 rc plane Safe Rx location

The FW190 from Horizon with Safe added.


Skyboy Balsa with Safe Rx added

Custom built Balsa Skyboy with Safe added.