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Race Quad Scratch

Going thru my boxes of quad parts I have not looked at in two years, realized I have enough parts to build a 270mm Race Quad.

This is what I came up with:
2400kv motors, 12a Blheli escs, carbon fiber 6×4 props. Quad is set up to run on either 3s or 4s.

For FPV, standard Board Camera buried in the frame, feeding a 200mw transmitter.

The interesting part of this build is that this quad has Altitude Lock, GPS Hold, Attitude Mode and Full manual mode, all thanks to an old DJI Naza Light FC that I had upgraded to a V2 (via the posted hack)

And better yet – Full Return to Home Capability!

Scratch Builds

Have not been posting here in a while, weather is changing and not as many opportunities to fly, so don’t do as much building when I cant maiden (crash) the creations.

Here are a few over the last few weeks:

My rendition of the Balsa Plan called the wot4 or watt4. Scaled the drawing down to 45%. High wing but fully symmetrical so wanted to see what it can do. No rudder servo, 1540kv motor, 7×5 prop.




FrankenPlane: Wings are from a smashed Katana, elevator from a smashed Bravado, fuse and tail hot cut foam. Powered by a 36series 1500kv motor, should be interesting to see if it will fly!




Profile plane, modelled after the electrifly 300 – this flew very well!


Dwing Scratch

Roughly based on the dimensions found on a DeltaRay, I built this wing using old parts. Can you recognize anything…

Battery strap from destroyed Dogfighter
EDF from destroyed Worldmodels Panther
Winglets from destroyed Funjet
Rudders from a flying buddies jet that had power lines jump out in front of him!
Servos from destroyed Wilga

Will it Fly???? (UPDATE – see bottom of this post 0 flew like CRAP)

2016-08-31 18.45.35 2016-08-31 18.45.41 2016-08-31 18.45.52

Nope… Did NOT Fly!

LAR #2 Krazie Wing

Seen the new TH Crazie Wing coming out in later this year, so took measurements from the pictures to try and duplicate.

2016-04-12 18.45.28

White styro hotwired and covered with laminate film, 1100kv with 10×4.5 prop and a 3s2200 brings the wing to as close as I can calculate. CG is VERY sensitive, so will be interesting to see if this can fly before destruction!

2016-04-12 18.45.17 2016-04-12 18.44.55 2016-04-12 18.45.11 2016-04-12 18.44.25 2016-04-12 18.44.31

Bit&Pieces Boredom

** Update: Decided to finish this crazy contraption – new pictures added and its now ready for its first flight… fingers Crossed!

The wind this weekend is too high to fly, and its Sunday and I’m bored to tears, so thought I would use up bits&pieces of plane parts and assorted crap that should really be in the garbage…

This contraption is not yet finished, but since I may scrap it rather than complete it, posting it for the heck of it!

Starting with a 39″ wing I had hot cut for the failed fugly jet bit, I needed a fuse to put it in. I have always liked the magnum reloaded scratchbuilt out of Germany so thought I would loosely recreate at least the fuse…

Fortunately¬†I had a 2′ section of blue foam kicking around that was too short for a wing, so away we we go! Or so I thought… My hot cut bow is no good for profile cutting so I needed a quick solution. As you can see from the pic, I took some wire, wrapped it around a dowel just big enough not to fit thru the hole in my work table, tied the opposite end to a turnbuckle that I attached to the rafter, grabbed a variable power supply, and Boom!, bobs your uncle!

2016-04-04 19.15.25 2016-04-04 19.15.35


hot wire

For the wing ends, that look ridiculous and stick up, I just used some 6mm deprom, and the same for the tail feathers. Paint was so olm mixed dried stuff that was long over due for the trash, and the pilot is out of an old balsa kit.

Not sure if I will ever add motor, but at the least, this mess killed a few hours this morn!2016-04-03 14.14.12 2016-04-03 14.14.23



WTF Four

Well, WTF 3 was a complete disaster. It was a clark airfoil and it looks as if I set the wing incidence too high. This resulted in its complete destruction on maiden!

Introducing the WTF 4 – This one I’ve gone back to the sipkil airfoil, mid mounted, at 40″ span. Slight changes to the rudder and elevator to help overall balance.

This one had to be designed while it was being built, as a motor from the Durafly Tundra is powering this one. I chose this motor as its base design is to use a 12×6 prop. It is much heavier than other 28 series motors I have tried, but accounting for this during the build/design stage ensured CG @ 1/4 was easily achievable. As typical for this design, a 3s 2200 lipo powers the plane.

The wing is hotwired from expanded foam, body is built from the 6mm grey depron (much less ridged than the white depron!) and tail section from 9mm depron.

May it fly as well as the WTF 2.

2016-03-29 18.01.51 2016-03-29 17.31.16 2016-03-29 17.31.31 2016-03-29 17.31.25 2016-03-31 19.41.26 2016-03-31 19.41.48 2016-03-31 19.42.40 2016-03-31 19.42.02

Shapeoko3 CNC

New Hobby Time – CNC for the DIY’er.

Photos below are of my Shapeoko3 CNC machine, cutting its first piece. Machine is sold by Carbide, includes the GRBL sender software, along with a beta version of CarbideCreate.

Commercial software test underway using Vcarve Desktop, to see if a commercial product is worth the additional cost for less of a learning curve to create the necessary toolpath code.

**and yes, the machine will cut foam, but at this time, cutting area is only 16×16 – an 24×48 upgrade is supposedly to be released early in 2016.

2015-12-21 13.45.44 2015-12-21 13.46.07 2015-12-21 13.45.54