FrSky S6R RX – Wing Setup How To

This page is in response to two comments on my youtube channel:
peteroake channel

Eric/Warren, I hope this is some help to you.

Ill start by saying I am NOT an expert, its just that I have played around with this till I finally got it working the way I expected it to. Do I know if this is the right way – No!       hahahah
But I will say All of my Wings are flying Perfectly using this setup.

My Taranis has the following switch design for using the S6R:
SF = Throttle Cut
SA= Low, Med, High Rates
SB= Up is Stabilize Mode, Middle is OFF, and Down is Auto Level
S1= Pot to control intensity of Stabilize mode (when SB is in up position)

My radio is running Opentx 2.9 the last stable version before the release of Ver3.
I use OpenTx Companion 2.1 and to make things easier here is a link to a compressed copy of my S6R only Wings. You can open this beside your own radio models inside Companion and I believe just drag any one of my models to your radio.
Link: S6R Wings Companion File

This file, if you open any of the models, contains the following info. In case you cant add one of my models to your radio, just create a new and match every page shown here:
(double click to view full screen)

And for the mostImportant Part, the Config File for the RX itself. Here are screenshots of the actual settings for the wing at the top of this page:


Some Final Notes:

When in Auto Level, I set SA DOWN – this gives me Max Rates and makes it very easy to control the wing, even with AutoLevel active. Typically, for me, S1 is at about 20%, this seems to be enough for even moderate wind.
You MUST do the final setup of the RX – where you power the model, wait till its initialized, they Briefly press the bind button and MOVE ALL STICKS to their extents. (only needs to be done once)
If you don’t, your servo throw will be too small to successfully control the model.

If you look at my youtube channel at the recent video of the Wing Jet from World models, it is also using this exact setup. And if I did not crash that thing, this must be a good setup! hahahah

Race Quad Scratch

Going thru my boxes of quad parts I have not looked at in two years, realized I have enough parts to build a 270mm Race Quad.

This is what I came up with:
2400kv motors, 12a Blheli escs, carbon fiber 6×4 props. Quad is set up to run on either 3s or 4s.

For FPV, standard Board Camera buried in the frame, feeding a 200mw transmitter.

The interesting part of this build is that this quad has Altitude Lock, GPS Hold, Attitude Mode and Full manual mode, all thanks to an old DJI Naza Light FC that I had upgraded to a V2 (via the posted hack)

And better yet – Full Return to Home Capability!

3D Printed Plane Under Construction for potential Destruction

3D Printed Plane – Placeholder as this comes together:

Here is the start:

Bad Piece – was able to use GG and CC to repair

First two pieces together

Starting the Wings (Notice the Carbon Spar – 4mm )


Wings to Fuze – Face of parts not exactly parallel, used small amount of GG as filler, and also GG inside spars to help hold.

The smallest EDF I have is 60mm, as you can see, it needs a 50mm


Found the proper screws for the EDF Cover.


Looking Good!

Testing Box Joints

Slowly getting back into wood-working, and recently built a new box Joint Jig,

Have never had a lot of success with box joints, when using plywood, as the veneer face peels off/chips. To that end, I buy the cheapest ply for all tests.

The box shown here is only a test bed while I was trying different measurements / finger size etc. Never meant for show, this box allowed me to try different ways of doing/creating, without concern for a “finished product”.

Of course, had to throw a bit of CNC inlay into my day, the plane is poplar and the name is paduck, Inlay depth is .125 into the cheap plywood, and the name sits proud of the face by about the same.

I post this box here as a reminder of how bad tearout is in cheap ply, the tightness of the joints for glue/fit, and to remember to test fit a dozen times before starting into expensive wood!

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And a few more since this original post:

Scratch Builds

Have not been posting here in a while, weather is changing and not as many opportunities to fly, so don’t do as much building when I cant maiden (crash) the creations.

Here are a few over the last few weeks:

My rendition of the Balsa Plan called the wot4 or watt4. Scaled the drawing down to 45%. High wing but fully symmetrical so wanted to see what it can do. No rudder servo, 1540kv motor, 7×5 prop.




FrankenPlane: Wings are from a smashed Katana, elevator from a smashed Bravado, fuse and tail hot cut foam. Powered by a 36series 1500kv motor, should be interesting to see if it will fly!




Profile plane, modelled after the electrifly 300 – this flew very well!


Dwing Scratch

Roughly based on the dimensions found on a DeltaRay, I built this wing using old parts. Can you recognize anything…

Battery strap from destroyed Dogfighter
EDF from destroyed Worldmodels Panther
Winglets from destroyed Funjet
Rudders from a flying buddies jet that had power lines jump out in front of him!
Servos from destroyed Wilga

Will it Fly???? (UPDATE – see bottom of this post 0 flew like CRAP)

2016-08-31 18.45.35 2016-08-31 18.45.41 2016-08-31 18.45.52

Nope… Did NOT Fly!